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Credit Card Theft, European Credit Card Theft, Credit Card Black Market

The Washington Post published an article recently after looking into credit card fraud and the trade of stolen card numbers online, finding that stolen European credit cards are five times more valuable than those from the US – with European card details going for around $50 USD each, and US ones closer to just $10 USD.

Why is this the case, and why are European cards more sought after by fraudsters? Well, the first reason is oversupply of US card details.

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In-app Payments, App Fraud, Mobile App Fraud, App Credit Card Fraud

We love our smartphones. Whether we’re tweeting, liking, watching or gaming, they’re never too far away. And there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting the latest apps to enhance the experience our phones give us, but are we aware of the risks of doing so?

Mobile apps are a multi-billion dollar industry, with over half of us regularly buying the latest and greatest applications without so much as a second thought to the potential risks.

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