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1 in 5 of us can’t Explain the Difference Between a Credit and Debit Card

According to a recent survey carried out by leading voucher site, one in five of us can’t explain the difference between a credit, debit or prepaid card, giving us a very revealing look at the financial illiteracy of the nation.

The survey, which asked more than 1,600 UK adults, looked at a number of common financial terms to see what exactly we knew about the financial services we use.

62% of the 1,600 UK adults who responded to the survey didn’t know what ‘APR’

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Credit Card Declined, Credit Card Denied, Credit Card Alternatives

Credit card companies are turning down more applicants with good credit scores than ever before as a result of algorithms designed to maximise profits, ruling individuals who are credit worthy as being bad for business, damaging their credit profiles in the process.

The process of vetting such individuals is designed to filter out customers that will prove to be unprofitable, like those who clear their balances every month and generally keep their accounts in good order.

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