Transact24 now partners with Mercury FX to make the loading of your T24 Black Premium prepaid card a lot easier. Providing you with an exchange rate that is typically better than that offered by most banks, saving you money.

Since 2008, Mercury FX has played a key role in providing solutions to streamline international money transfers in over 40 different currencies and mitigating costs for individuals, businesses and corporations.

To provide an Easy, Flexible, Efficient and Competitive service, is the manifesto of Mercury FX. We pride ourselves in being one of the few that is able to offer tailor made solutions for our clients to suit their Foreign Exchange needs. Our client base ranges from famous watch companies to wine importers.

Licensed in UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and by the Money Service Supervision Bureau in HK, Mercury FX has offices in both UK and HK.

You would choose to use our services simply because:

We are fast and secure, international currency transfer in over 40 currencies all from a single account with Mercury FX

There are NO fees, just great rates

Here is an example on how we will save you money.

  Mercury FX Bank in EU Mercury FX Bank in EU Mercury FX Bank in EU
Currency paying USD USD USD USD USD USD
Amount 1,000 1,000 5,000 5,000 10,000 10,000
Rate 1.3406 1.2890 1.3535 1.2890 1.3551 1.2890
Cost in EUR 745.93 775.80 3694.13 3878.98 7379.53 7757.95
Fees (EUR) 0 20 0 20 0 20
Total in EUR 745.93 795.80 3694.13 3898.98 7379.53 7777.95
Savings EUR 49.87 EUR 204.85 EUR 398.42

Rates are as of 12:45pm 11-02-14

The figures speak for themselves, you are always welcome to compare your bank rate to ours, simply email us, we will provide your with a quote. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Mercury FX Can Save You Money

Mercury FX trade in the Interbank FX markets like investment banks and hedge funds do, which means we can pass significant savings on to our clients in the form of typically better than bank exchange rates.

Mercury FX is a hassle-free and cost-saving alternative to your bank for receiving, exchanging between and sending international currencies around the globe.

As a specialist foreign exchange broker we know currency: it's all we do. If you or your company has any currency requirement or make international payments, then we can help you make the process simpler, quicker and cheaper.

With a single, quick and free-to-open account with Mercury FX, you can receive over forty currencies and exchange between them, at vastly superior rates to what is on offer from high-street banks. You can also make fast, secure global payments.

If you or your business has regular currency flows, the savings add up fast. And if you’re a client-facing business, the added value you can offer your clients is pretty impressive, all for no extra work and no cost to you.

How Mercury FX Works

Market information and updates

The MFX Daily Brief goes out to all of our clients by 9am each morning. This gives our clients a quick update on the markets which keeps them informed and empowers them to make the right calls on their currency exposure. Like our opinions on the FX markets, which we're glad to discuss, the brief is free. As FX professionals this is part of our service and sets us apart from the banks. We monitor the markets and you stay up-to-date.

Market tools

Our service goes beyond what retail banks offer. We give you access to market tools such as hedging via forward purchasing and working limit and stop orders in the market. These tools can be very useful for savvy international businesses and overseas investors.

Forward hedging of future currency exposure is vital for businesses who need to accurately forecast their future financial flows.

By working orders in the market you can also guard yourself and your business against currency fluctuations and better the rates that the market is offering at any one time.

Retail banks tend not to offer these services and yet they can save very significant amounts of money. If you are interested in learning more please contact us for a more thorough explanation


Mercury FX gives all our clients regulatory peace of mind by having all the appropriate Hong Kong and United Kingdom regulatory licenses. Mercury FX also has a spotless regulatory track recon since it was first established in 2006 and is well trusted in the industry.

We are regulated by, and fully compliant with Hong Kong law, under anti-money laundering regulations.

Mercury Foreign Exchange does not speculate with client or company funds. We hedge every trade as soon as we are instructed to by our clients. Furthermore we do not trade in any other financial products except same day, next day, spot and forward FX.