The T24 Black card is a full-featured prepaid card that gives you everything you need to fully manage and use your black prepaid card efficiently and safely, from wherever you are in the world


Active/Register Your Card

When you first receive your T24 Black prepaid VISA card you’ll need to active it by phone, using our IVR service. Once activated, you’ll then need to register your card with our cardholder services before you can use it.

After registering, you’ll be able to access your statements, transaction history along with other card management functionality both online, through our website, and on the go, through our iOS and Android cardholder services mobile apps.

  • Your card needs to be activated prior to use

  • This can be done via our web cardholder services or prepaid mobile functionality

  • You can register up to two different T24 prepaid cards

Track Your Spending

Our web-based cardholder services make it easier than ever for you to monitor and track your spending, giving you access to your statements and transaction history in real-time, wherever you are, simply by going online and logging in.

Through our web services you can also search your transaction history and export your statements to excel, allowing you to use your transaction data offline. We also offer a limited version of our cardholder services as a prepaid mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, which give you greater accessibility to your account history whilst on the go.

  • Track and monitor your spending

  • Review your statements online

  • Search your transactions online

  • Export your transaction history to excel

Card to Card Transfer

T24 Black cardholders can instantly transfer money between their card and that of another T24 cardholder at the click of a button, through our cardholder web services or SMS functionality.

With card to card transfers, you can send up to 1,000 USD, three times a day, between your T24 card and that of other T24 cardholders. These transfers are instant and carry a flat fee of 2 USD.

  • Transfer money from one T24 card to another

  • Can be made either though our cardholder web services or SMS functionality

  • Up to 1,000 USD can be transferred in a single Card to Card transfer

  • Card to Card transfers carry a flat fee of 2 USD