T24 Black Card, Basic ID – 20,000 USD Maximum Balance

On approval of your application, you will receive 20,000 USD as the maximum balance you can load onto your T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card. If you require a higher maximum balance you can apply for an extended limit

T24 Black Card, Notarised ID – 50,000 USD Maximum Balance

In order to receive a 50,000 USD limit, you need to supply a notarized copy of your Passport and Proof of address, which is no more than 3 months old and in colour. Accepted proof of address is a utility bill, bank account statement or rental agreement. T24 does not charge any additional fees for an extended card limit application

E-mail the documents to [email protected] and write “Card limit upgrade” in your subject line

All account upgrades are subject to Issuer approval