Prepaid Procurement Cards

The T24 Black Card can be utilisied as a card-based payment solution for corporates, allowing for the better streamlining of a businesses procurement process. Prepaid procurement cards can be used for all manner or purchases, from travel and entertainment, to telecommunications, office supplies, and any other product or service vital to the success of your business.

This is possible as the prepaid procurement cards we offer work the same as any other VISA card, giving cardholders the ability to make purchases online, in-store and to withdraw cash from ATMs, giving all the functionality of a typical debit/credit card, without the associated fees or interest.

Prepaid procurement cards can also offer far greater transparency and ease of reconciliation than alternative payment methods, as all of the information relating to purchases is available online, through our cardholder management area, giving you access to itemised statements in real-time.


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