Prepaid Petty Cash Cards

Petty cash is important for the day-to-day running of your business, allowing your staff to make the purchases they need, when they’re needed, to keep your business going. From getting a key copied or replenishing urgently needed stationery, to covering the cost of couriering that important document, there are numerous small purchases that need to be made on the spot, which is where a prepaid petty cash VISA card can come in handy.

Using petty cash in this way will give you the added benefit of making your petty cash easier to manage, as all purchases are itemised, with real-time statements available online, making it easier to reconcile staff purchases.

Employers will also find it far easier and quicker to fund petty cash expenditure with prepaid cards, as they can be loaded both remotely and instantly, allowing for the replenishment of funds as they are required without delay. Additionally, due to the nature of prepaid petty cash cards, it is simple to control overspending, as your employees will only be able to use what is on the card, as credit will never be extended. This puts you in full control of your petty cash spending, its management and gives you the ability to keep this aspect of your expenditure in check.


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