Prepaid Payroll Cards

The T24 Black card provides you with the perfect solution for making recurring payments to employees, whether this is to replace you existing payroll solution, incentives or other payments that you make to compensate your staff whilst making savings on the fees you currently pay.

For employers, prepaid payroll cards can give the opportunity to significantly reduce payroll processing costs. This is especially true for businesses where salaries are paid by cheques, which have associated production, distribution and processing costs. By using a prepaid payroll card to make these payments instead, an employer is not only able to make significant cost savings, but can also provide salary payments to their staff instantly, making payroll cards better for employee and employer alike.

With instant funding and a payroll VISA prepaid card, your staff will be able to spend immediately, whether online, at point of sale or through a VISA enabled ATMs. Our prepaid payroll cards are also ideal for those who are un or under-banked, as using our card eliminates the need for a bank account, making it easier to pay employees both at home and overseas.

Prepaid payroll card employer benefits

  •  More cost effective way of managing your payroll
  •  Easy implementation allowing replacement of existing payroll solution with minimal effort
  •  Reduce cash and cheque handling costs
  •  Reduce bank transfer fees
  •  Instant payments to employees

Prepaid payroll card employee benefits

  •  Faster salary processing, giving employees instant access to funds
  •  Elimination of cheque cashing fees and commission rates
  •  Ability to make purchases at point-of-sale or online with the card
  •  Ability to withdraw funds from the card at any VISA enabled ATM
  •  Balance and transaction history available online, via SMS or through telephone IVR
  •  Send money to other cardholders at low cost via card to card transfer
  •  No bank account or credit history required to obtain a prepaid payroll card

Find out more about prepaid payroll cards from T24 Black

If you’re interested in learning more about prepaid payroll cards from T24 Black, and how they can help you and your business, please get in touch and one of our sales representatives will be on hand to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to get started with our corporate prepaid solutions.

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