Prepaid Payout Cards

The T24 Black card is an ideal solution for businesses looking for an instant, cost-efficient means of distributing funds, whether internally, or to clients and customers. Our cards work in exactly the same way as any other VISA card, allowing cardholders to use the funds on their card to make purchases at point-of-sale, online or to withdraw cash from ATM machines, making them far superior to cheques, vouchers or reward cards that are limited in their use.

Our cards are reloadable, making them perfect as a regular payout solution, and work to allow businesses to get funds to their customers when they need them, wherever they might be in the world, making our payout solution perfect for the insurance and travel sectors.

VISA prepaid cards are also well suited to any business that currently makes payments to customers or staff through cheques, cash, or vouchers, as a card solution offers the increased benefit of instant loading, monitoring and report, and all at a significantly reduced cost.

Prepaid payout card benefits

  •   Card can be used for purchases in-store, online or to withdraw cash at ATMs
  •   Get funds to your customers when they need them, wherever they are in the world
  •   Lower costs, reduced time and better reporting on the use of transferred funds
  •   Funds can be made immediately, providing cardholders with instant funds
  •   Full, 24/7 cardholder support by phone, online and by SMS

Find out more about prepaid payout solutions from T24 Black

If you’re interested in learning more about prepaid payout cards from T24 Black, and how they can help you and your business, please get in touch and one of our sales representatives will be on hand to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to get started with our corporate solutions.

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