Prepaid Business Travel Cards

Prepaid business travel cards from T24 Black can provide you with an efficient method of providing your employees with the funds they need for allowances and expenses whilst travelling on business. This helps you to better streamline your existing reporting processes, limiting the time and paperwork that would otherwise be needed to monitor travel expenses.

With our business travel card solution you’ll benefit from a greater level of control and transparency over where, when and on what your employee’s spend whilst travelling on business, through our suite of card management tools, giving you access to itemised, paperless statements, making expenses easier to track and reconcile.

This is available from our web-based prepaid card holder services, providing our clients with full access to all of their employees spending in real-time, meaning that you’ll no longer have to wait until monthly card statements are received through the post, allowing you to better monitor expenses on a day-to-day basis.

Opting for a prepaid business travel card can also give your employees greater autonomy when travelling, allowing them to make vital business purchases either online, in-store or over the phone, as and when they’re needed. Our business travel card solution is a prepaid VISA card, which means that it functions just like any other debit/credit card, but with lower fees and without interest being added.


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