Prepaid Security for Travel in Europe

 Monday, 28 May 2012

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Prepaid Security for Travel in Europe

Until very recently, traveler’s cheques were the safest method of carrying money abroad. What they lacked in convenience (travelers expected to stand in line at a bank every couple of days in order to cash in the cheques and get usable foreign currency), they made up for in security. If the checks were lost or stolen, the providing bank would issue new cheques or refund the funds that were unused.

Prepaid travel cards like the T24 Black Visa prepaid card work in much the same way, but have added benefits. Issued by Visa, these cards offer convenient ATM access and secure access to local currency. Like traveler’s cheques, if a prepaid travel card is lost or stolen the card can easily be replaced by contacting the card program and reporting it lost/stolen to the 24/7 customer hotline. Unlike traveler’s cheques, a prepaid travel card can offer uninterrupted access to funds if a backup card is used.

Prepaid Cards in Europe

The T24 Black prepaid card makes traveling in Europe much more convenient. Many automated transactions in Europe rely on PIN microchip technology that is standard in credit cards across Europe but not in the United States. The T24 Black comes with this encrypted PIN technology and allows travelers to use their funds even in situations when magnetic stripe cards are not accepted, such as at kiosks or certain stores.

These prepaid cards are also extremely useful in the event that access to other funds is cut off. This can give travelers the peace of mind to know that even if something were to happen they could still complete their journey without worrying about being stuck without money.

Travelers even have the option of carrying a second, backup card that can be activated in the event that the first is misplaced. As soon as a traveler is aware of the situation, he or she can call to cancel the first card and use the second without waiting for a replacement.

Getting a T24 Black Prepaid Card

A T24 Black prepaid card is convenient and secure. Travelers can load up to $50,000 in funds onto the card with higher load limits available upon request dependent on ID verification, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this money is safe no matter what. Customers interested in the benefits of a T24 Black card for travel should contact us for more information, or click to apply for a prepaid visa travel card.

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