New Trojan Targets Credit and Debit Cards of Android Users

 Friday, 29 November 2013

 Prepaid News

Android Trojan, Android Security, Android Credit Cards

Online security firm Kapersky has warned of a new Trojan that is targeting Android users, designed to target debit and credit card details, as well as online banking login credentials.

Roman Unuchek, a senior malware analyst for Kapersky, put on the firm’s blog that the Trojan is design to specifically phish for financial details, working to replace legitimate apps with their own content, allowing them to intercept a users login name and password without them being immediately aware.

The Trojan, which has initially been setup to target Russian consumers, mimicking a number of Russia’s largest high street banks, as well as Google Play, prompting users to provide their payment details, has already spread westward, having now been detected in the US, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany.

“No doubt, we will see new versions of the Trojan that will able to steal from clients of various banks in multiple countries very soon,” said Unuchek. “The current version spread itself using SMS spam, but other variations might utilize another infection tactic.”

To slow the spread of the Trojan, Kapersky are asking users to become more vigilant, paying closer attention to app ratings, reviews and download counts, as well as to ensure that their devices have not been set to “allow installing from unknown sources”.