London taxi drivers consider legal challenge to credit card changes

 Tuesday, 25 October 2016

 Prepaid News

Taxi drivers in London are deliberating a legal challenge over Transport for London’s proposal which will require taxi drivers to accept credit cards as payment.

The London taxi union, United Cabbies Group, stated that they had pursued legal advice on whether or not they should challenge the credit card rule. The group went on to say that they were planning to stage a protest in Whitehall later this week; however, after the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, offered £65m in grants and the use of new routes, the group said that they may cancel the protest.

The taxi industry has been shaken with the introduction of the car-hailing app Uber.  And last year, this new competition propelled them to overwhelmingly endorse a proposal to require credit card machines in the passenger section of taxis. This proposal includes raising fares in order to cover fees, and consequently, has proved unpopular with some.

Another taxi group, Action for Cabbies, brought forth a separate legal challenge, but it was dropped after being denied a judicial review.

The cutoff date for taxi drives to present readers has been extended from October 3 to October 31.  A TfL spokesperson declared that their consultation revealed that the new plan had the endorsement of 86pc of respondents.

Uber weighed in on the issue with a spokesperson stating, “Passengers rightly expect to be able to pay by card these days, rather than have to stop at a cash machine”