Florida Pair Charged With Celebrity Identity Theft

 Thursday, 29 August 2013

 Prepaid News

A mother and son team, Kyah Green and Luis Flores, have been accused of running up thousands of dollars of debt in the names of Hollywood celebrities, managing to apply for and get credit cards in their names.

When authorities searched the Flordia home in which the pair live they found credit cards for Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Beyonce, amongst others.

And it wasn’t just celebrities, they also had obtained banking information for prominent members of the Obama administration and US business community with the intention of using that information to apply for more credit. The FBI found this information of a USB stick obtained at their home, and it included the information of first lady Michelle Obama, vice president Joe Biden, attorney general Eric Holder and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

In addition to what was already an impressive and somewhat unbelievable haul of famous names, the banking information of Robert Mueller, who is none other than the head of the FBI, was also found.

The information is thought to have come originally from a group of hackers who published the information online back in March of this year, according to the court.

Mother and son are charged with wiring $70,000 from the credit cards for which they applied in to a number of bank accounts set up in and around central Florida, and for calling up credit card companies claiming to be the celebrities whose stolen information they had in their possession.

The mother has been released on bail, with the son being held on a separate fraud charge for stealing and cashing a co-workers payroll check into his bank account.