A Payment Vehicle for All Income Levels

 Thursday, 2 August 2012

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There is a misconception that someone with a very high level of income doesn’t actually have to worry about finances anymore – that they can spend their money freely without concern for the consequences. The simple fact, though, is that even rich people can benefit from prepaid cards and avoid some of the trappings that come with the more traditional payment cards.

There are many advantages to using a secure and convenient prepaid card, no matter what your income. The best prepaid card will act like a mobile bank account – but without the bank. This can open up a lot of possibilities, because you can manage your money, know exactly what you have to spend, and ensure that you are never spending more money on any particular item or activity than you intended.

Overspending is a hard habit to break, and even rich people have to take some precautions on their budgeting. When you use a prepaid card you will know exactly how much money can be spent on any given activity, but you will still be able to use our prepaid visa credit card alternative it in all the places you would use a regular credit card.

A lot of people are using these cards to teach lessons about proper money management in an environment where they may expect to have all the money they will ever need. Parents, for example, can send their children to college and provide access to the necessary funds for books, living expenses, and a little fun, but still control exactly how much can be spent on a monthly basis.

Limits and Benefits

Of course, just because the prepaid card can help you control the spending, that doesn’t mean you have to have extremely low limits. The T24 Black card will let you move your limit up to $20,000 dollars with higher limits available on request dependent on ID verification, so you will always have plenty of convenient and secure money when you need it. Whether you are using it on vacation or online, you will always have a great payment option that will let you spend your money on products and services rather than a growing interest rate.

There are quite a few other benefits to owning and using a prepaid card. You can get access to over 600 VIP airport lounges with FREE priority pass membership, or take advantage of our premium travel insurance programs (which includes medical coverage and much more) without having to go through a completely separate carrier. You can easily access your account information and make direct card to card money transfers, just in case you need to top up someone else’s card in an emergency.

Whatever your income level, prepaid cards offer a safe alternative to cash and checks, so you can handle your finances even if you don’t have a traditional banking relationship.

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