Monthly Archives: October 2016

According to research conducted by, almost seven million adults in the UK have been in credit card debt for at least three years or longer, with nearly one in 10 disclosing that they’ve been in credit card debt for five years or more.

The survey also found that 14 percent of UK adults forecast they will have continue to have credit card debt through the year, with seven percent stating that they will have to ask friends and family for financial support.

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Credit card frauds are increasingly becoming a troubling issue for the financial industry. According to a new survey conducted by the polling company, Populus (commissioned by, they revealed that there is an increased levels of cyber-attacks occurring in the UK. Due to fraud, one in ten adults have had to replace their credit or debit card and many of these claims go unsolved as law enforcement cannot manage the volume.

The survey found that last year,

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Taxi drivers in London are deliberating a legal challenge over Transport for London’s proposal which will require taxi drivers to accept credit cards as payment.

The London taxi union, United Cabbies Group, stated that they had pursued legal advice on whether or not they should challenge the credit card rule. The group went on to say that they were planning to stage a protest in Whitehall later this week; however, after the Mayor of London,

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