Monthly Archives: February 2015

Researchers have found that as few as four card purchases can be used to identify almost anyone, with this being true for 99% of the population.

The study, which was undertaken by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and their colleagues at Aarhus University in Denmark, analysed 3 months of credit card data from 1.1 million people who lived in an unidentified first world country.

Pieces of information, such as where individuals bought coffee,

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Mobile Payments Could Surpass Cards by 2020, study finds

The days of credit and debit cards could be numbered, as a new survey of UK consumers finding that they’re increasingly embracing mobile payments, with more people opting for them over their cards than ever before.

The findings, which were part of Experian’s “Banking Moving Forward” study, also found that a significant number of British consumers believed that card payments could disappear altogether over the next few years.

In total, 33% of those asked as part of the study believed that credit and debit card payments would no longer be the payment method of choice for most of us by the year 2020,

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