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Android Trojan, Android Security, Android Credit Cards

Online security firm Kapersky has warned of a new Trojan that is targeting Android users, designed to target debit and credit card details, as well as online banking login credentials.

Roman Unuchek, a senior malware analyst for Kapersky, put on the firm’s blog that the Trojan is design to specifically phish for financial details, working to replace legitimate apps with their own content, allowing them to intercept a users login name and password without them being immediately aware.

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Spending on debit cards has fallen against that on credit cards for the first time in over 20 years, according to payments industry newsletter the Nilson Report.

In the US market for 2012 credit cards accounted for 52.82%, rising from 52.63% the year before, with debit card use falling from 47.27% to 47.18% over the same period. Meanwhile, prepaid card use continued to steadily increase.

This fall is the first in a two-decade long expansion of market share for debit cards,

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Visa, Mastercard and American Express in New Tokenization Standard Announcement

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have today announced their joint proposal for a new standard in global payments , designed to enhance the security of digital payments, focusing primarily on payments made using a mobile phone, tablet or other device capable of being payment enabled, including applications that link with user's credit, debit and/or prepaid cards.

The proposal, which it is hoped will usher in a new generation of payment product, is formed around a set of key principles that help to lead towards are tokenization standard.

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