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    Enjoy unprecedented Prepaid spending power with benefits.
    Travel with us for business or pleasure


    Gain access to over 600 luxury airport lounges around the world.
    Experience travel the way you deserve

  • Travel Insurance

    Comprehensive travel insurance with up to USD 2,500,000 medical.
    Tailored insurance with you in mind

  • T24 Prepaid Mobile App

    Our app is an extension to our cardholder services, giving cardholders a quicker, secure way of accessing their account on the go, from their mobile devices.

Up to USD 50,000 load limit with complimentary Priority Pass and extensive Worldwide Travel Insurance

T24 Black Prepaid Visa Card

With high spending limits, T24 Black prepaid card offers a real alternative to credit cards

  •   Up to USD 50,000 load limit*
  •   USD 2,000 daily ATM limit
  •   Up to USD 20,000 daily spend limit*

Priority Pass Membership

Enjoy complementary Priority Pass worth $99 USD, giving you access to VIP airport lounges worldwide

  •   Access to over 600 airport lounges
  •   In more than 300 cities worldwide
  •   USD 27 per lounge visit

Black Travel Insurance

Enjoy comprehensive travel insurance, including medical of up to 2,500,000 USD with your black prepaid card

  •   Emergency medical expenses and repatriation up to USD 2,500,000
  •   Personal accident up to USD 100,000
  •   Personal liability up to USD 1,000,000

T24 Prepaid Mobile App

Our app is an extension to our cardholder services, giving cardholders a quicker, secure way of accessing their account on the go, from their mobile devices.

  •   Retrieve account balance information
  •   Review card statements and recent transaction history
  •   Report card lost or stolen

Priority Pass Privilege

Gain access to over 600 luxury airport lounges around the world. Experience travel the way you deserve

With your T24 Black prepaid card you will receive a complementary standard Priority Pass membership, giving you access to 600 airport lounges in over 100 countries worldwide. With your membership, you and your guests will be able to access these lounges for $27 USD per visit, per person, allowing you to wait for your flight in comfort. Value of a standard Priority Pass membership is $99 USD per annum

The T24 Black card is the first prepaid card to have been truly designed with travellers in mind, and as such, is the only prepaid card to offer complementary Priority Pass membership to its customers. Using your Priority Pass with us couldn’t be easier, as the cost of entrance to any participating lounge is charged directly to your T24 Black Visa prepaid card, making access and keeping a record of your lounge use simpler, as any visits will appear on your online card statement

I use my Priority Pass card for business, but it's also a fantastic way to get in the holiday mood. It helps take a little of the pain out of the trip home

To find out more about participating airport lounges please visit the Priority Pass website for a full directory. You may also wish to install the Priority Pass mobile app, available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, which allows you to view the lounge directory on the move

The Priority Pass is the perfect travel companion and makes it easier than ever before to take the stress out of airport layovers, by giving you access to private, members only lounges designed with relaxation in mind Features of the Priority Pass and what your membership entitles you to include:

  • Access to over 600 airport lounges in more than 300 cities in over 100 countries worldwide
  • Including entry to over 70 lounges in the US, usually reserved exclusively for an airline's own programme members
  • Access to business facilities – Email, internet, phones, fax machines and even conference space in some lounges¹
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks²
  • Entry for your guests – your guests can join you in the lounge for a nominal fee³

1 Specified lounges have internet and conference rooms – please check your lounge directory for details

2 The provision of complimentary refreshments is at the discretion of the lounge operator and in some instances may be limited

3 Depending on the terms of your package, a charge will automatically be made to your nominated card for each guest

Black Travel Insurance

Comprehensive worldwide travel insurance with up to USD 2,500,000 medical coverage. Tailored insurance with travel in mind

Purchase your international flight ticket with your T24 Black prepaid card and you are automatically covered by the T24 Black Travel Insurance for 30 days, allowing you to enjoy your holiday with comfort and security that comprehensive travel insurance gives you

A unique feature of our prepaid card is that if you need to make a claim related to your Travel Insurance, the funds will be loaded directly onto your T24 Black Prepaid Card , giving you access to them when and where you need them, regardless of where in the world you might be travelling at the time

The coverage in this policy is designed for safety during your international voyage and includes not only coverage against delays or lost luggage, but also medical, emergency dental treatment and evacuation up to 1,000,000 USD


(This list is not exhaustive; please refer to the full Policy Wording for a list of all exclusions)

-- Any claim where you are entitled to indemnity under any other insurance policy including any amounts recoverable from any other source, except in respect of any amount exceeding that for which you are covered under such other policy, or any amount recoverable from any other source, had this insurance not been effected.

-- Death, illness or injury, directly or indirectly caused or exacerbated by, traceable to, or related to, an existing medical condition.

-- Pregnancy or child birth. This exclusion does not apply to the for emergency pregnancy related illness of the mother up to 20 weeks gestation provided it meets the criteria outlined in the definition of ‘existing medical conditions’. There is no cover for any expenses associated with or consequent upon the birth of a child, nor is there any cover for any newly born child.

-- Any cover if you are aged 65 years of age or over at the time the trip commences.

If You or a member of the travelling party

a. Fails to take reasonable precautions to avoid and/or minimise any loss b. Deliberately injures themselves
c. Takes part in a riot or civil commotion d. Travels in international waters in a private sail vessel or privately registered sail vessel
e. Takes part in, or trains for, a professional sporting activity or competitive contact sports A loss caused by, or in any way connected with a criminal or dishonest act by you or by a person with whom you are in collusion. A loss caused by, or in any way connected with any government intervention, prohibition, warning or regulation.

24 Hour Emergency contact (Northcott Global Solutions)

In the event of a medical emergency covered by this Insurance you must call our medical assistance provider:

Northcott Global Solutions

22 Bevis Marks London EC3A 7JB United Kingdom

Helpline: +44 (0) 207 183 8 9 10


Northcott Global Solutions are on call to assist you with Medical emergencies whilst you are on a trip outside your country of residence and medical repatriation if necessary.

Non-emergency claims reporting (DCS Global Limited)

All claims MUST be notified within 90 days of completion of the relevant trip. If the claim is not notified within the 90 period it will be declined.

To help speed up the processing of your claim be sure to follow the instructions on the claim form carefully. It will advise you of what documentation you need to provide to support your claim. Claim forms are available from the details below:

Claim Line: + 852 3421 1546
Email: [email protected]

Coverage Sum insured (US Dollars) Excess / Limitation (US Dollars)
Emergency Medical Expenses & Repatriation Expenses 2,500,000 75
Emergency Dental Expenses 2,500 75
Cancellation, Interruption & Delay
Cancellation 5,000 250
Additional expense 2,500 250
Trip interruption 2,500 250
Resumption of trip 250 75
Missed connection 100 Nil
Limit of liability any one travelling party 50,000
Luggage/Personal Effects & Money
Luggage & personal effects 1,000 75
Emergency luggage 250 75
Cash 500 75
Replacement passport and travel documents 100 Nil
Personal Liability 1,000,000 100
Personal Accident & Funeral Expenses
Accidental death 100,000 Accidental death benefit Limited to 5,000 in respect of persons aged 16 years or younger
Total loss of sign in one or both eyes 100,000
Permanent total disablement 100,000
Funeral Expenses 2,500
To view policy in more detail please click here


Personal access, the way you want, and where you need it

Functionality: Using Your Card

Using the T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card is easy and convenient

Use worldwide

Wherever the VISA Acceptance Mark is displayed

Withdraw cash

Withdraw cash in any VISA enabled ATM

Change your PIN

in any VISA enabled ATM that has PIN change available

Shop in-store

swipe your card in any VISA enabled POS machine and enter your PIN

Shop online safetly

with 3D secure online verification

Local currencies

convert automatically when you use your card wherever you are in the world

Functionality: Account Management

Transactions on your T24 Black Prepaid Card occur in real-time, giving you full control over your spending

Real time online statements

Check your Balance at an ATM, Online, by phone or with our mobile app

Track your expenses

No overdrafts or overdraft fees

In order to apply for a T24 Black Prepaid card you do not require:

Have a bank account

Undergo any credit checks

Functionality: Loading Options

The T24 Black cardholder has several loading options

Bank Transfer

Send a bank wire to the funding account in UK.

Card to Card Transfer

Receive funds from another T24 Black Cardholder

Mercury FX Transfer

You can load your T24 Black Prepaid Card using your Mercury FX account. Learn more about Mercury FX.

Missing a loading option?

You can query T24 about adding a specific loading option contact T24

Functionality: SMS

You can now get several T24 Black Prepaid Card services direct to your mobile. Simply use the SMS number +44 (0) 7797 800 035

Function Instruction Example
The card balance TRA BAL ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA BAL 123456 1111
Last 3 transactions TRA TXN ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA TXN 123456 1111
Card to Card transfer TRA XFER AMOUNT TO MOBILE ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA XFER 20 TO +447000000000 123456 1111
Stop notification TRA STOP [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP 1111
Stop all notifications TRA STOP ALL [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP ALL 1111


Security: Money Loaded

Using the T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card is easy and convenient

100% Funding

Your prepaid card is automatically loaded upon receipt of your funds

The Client Account

When your funds are received, they are loaded into a client account, which is controlled by the Issuer. In order to protect your funds, T24 does not have access to this account. For more information, read about the Security of Customer Funds

Additional Security

T24 is obligated to keep a certain deposit over and above the weekly settlement of all transactions on T24 Black Prepaid Cards. This provides additional security and protection to your loaded funds

No Fractional Reserves

As governed by the e-money laws in the UK and enforced by CashFlows Limited. T24 is not allowed to enable payments on the T24 Black Prepaid Card unless it is fully funded. In addition, T24 will never extend credit

Security: Card Safety

The T24 Black prepaid card has several security features integrated on the card. These are there to ensure that both cardholders and vendors know that the card is genuine, protecting both parties from fraud and unauthorised usage

Chip with encrypted PIN

The T24 Black Prepaid Card must be used with the PIN where a PIN terminal is available and your personal PIN code is used to authorise the transaction


The T24 Black Card does not have raised numbers to protect the cardholder from having their card copied in a Zip Zap machine

3D Secure - Verified by VISA

With Verified by VISA, you're protected whenever you make an online payment with your VISA card at more than 300,000 websites across Europe


You must sign the back of your card when you receive it. A T24 Black Prepaid Card is not valid unless signed


The CVV number is used to authenticate online transactions and is there for your security

Electronic Use Only

The T24 Black Visa Prepaid Card cannot be used if the Merchant is unable to verify that funds are available. This safeguards you from any unauthorised usage

VISA hologram

The VISA dove hologram glimmers in different angles. Check the hologram if you suspect that the card you are holding might be a fraudulent copy

Card Limits & Fees

This summary shows you the main fees and limits of the T24 Black prepaid card. Download a full Fee Schedule or the complete Terms and Conditions

Application Fee - T24 Black Full (20k Standard load limit, higher with extended ID verification) - Priority Pass and Travel Insurance 170
Application Fee - T24 Black Limited (No complimentary Services) 110
Activation Fee Free
Get Pin / Pin Change Free
Card to Card Transfer (by SMS or Website) 2
Bank/Telegraphic Transfer (TT) load 2
Minimum Card-to-Card Transfer via Website or SMS 20
Maximum Card-to-Card Transfer via Website or SMS 1,000
Maximum Load Per Transaction (Bank/Telegraphic Transfer only) 20,000
Maximum Load Per Day (Bank/Telegraphic Transfer only) 20,000
Maximum number of Loading Transactions Per Day (including card-to-card transfers) 3
Maximum Card Balance - Standard ID Verification (15K Euro equivalent) 20,000
Maximum Card Balance - Notarized ID Verification 50,000
Maximum POS & Online Spend Over 4 Days - Notarized ID Verification 60,000
Retail Purchase Transaction Free
Retail Transaction Refund Free
Declined Transaction Fee Free
Maximum POS & Online Daily Spend - Standard ID Verification 10,000
Maximum POS & Online Daily Spend - Notarized ID Verification 20,000
ATM Withdrawal - USD 1.20
ATM Withdrawal – Non USD 3.00
Maximum Number of Daily ATM Withdrawals 6
Maximum ATM Daily Withdrawal 2,000
Foreign Exchange Markup (for transactions in a currency other than USD) 1.80%
SMS Card Lock/Unlock/Card to Card Transfer Free
SMS Any Other Enquiry 0.20
Call to Customer Service*** Free
Monthly Service Charge (Charged from month 13 from activation onwards) 15
Administration fee 50
IVR Services Free
Replacement Card (for lost/stolen/expired cards) 20
Refund Fee (on early card cancellation) 25 plus bank TT fee


This is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions we get from cardholders . If you have a question that isn't answered here please contact us

T24 Black Prepaid Card FAQs

How does the Card work?
The T24 Black Card is a reloadable prepaid card that looks and functions just like any other VISA card without offering a credit facility. Cards are activated and provided a PIN, over the phone. You may use the card at any POS, online or ATM terminal displaying the VISA® trademark. You must however load and have funds available on the card in order to use it. The value of a purchase is deducted from the funds available on the card
Does my credit rating or bank account balance matter?
No, you can apply for and obtain a T24 Black Card regardless of your credit rating or bank account balance
How do I manage my Prepaid Card Account?
Cardholders can transact with and manage their card accounts with the ease of a mobile phone SMS, including making fund transfers, card loading, checking balances etc. The T24 online transacting platform enables all these operations to be performed conveniently
How do I load funds onto the card?
Cards may be loaded by a range of convenient means, including directly from bank accounts, from another T24 prepaid card and batch payroll payments. A card can be loaded over and over again and funds are available for use instantaneously
Is my account, with full transaction detail and history available to view?
Yes, all account and transaction information is available 24/7 online via an account management facility. You can also check your balance and three last transactions anytime via SMS
How secure are these cards? What if a card is lost/stolen?
The cards can be personalised and a PIN is associated with every card. All payments are made through a secure channel. In the event that a card is lost or stolen it can be blocked immediately, locking the funds on the card, and replaced. Exposure to a loss is limited to the amount of funds that exist on the card at any point in time
How does the mobile functionality work?
For full information on the SMS functionality on your T24 Black Card, please see SMS functionality
Can I block a card temporarily?
Yes, you may lock a card temporarily and unlock it at your convenience using SMS. Please see the SMS section for instructions SMS functionality
How can I apply for a card?
You can apply online by clicking Apply Now. You will need a clear scanned color copy of your Passport and Proof of Address (Utility bill, Rental Agreement or Bank Account) that is no more than 3 months old
When will I receive my card?
You will receive your T24 Black Card within 14 working days of your application being approved. If you fail to receive your card after this please contact our customer support team, details of which can be found on our contact us page
May I apply for multiple prepaid cards?
The T24 Black Prepaid Card has a very high spending limit and therefore we have chosen to limit the amount of cards to one per person
When can I start using my Card?
Upon receipt of a prepaid card, cardholders must sign the back of the card in the box highlighted 'authorised signature' and then activate their card as per the instructions provided in the welcome pack. Cards must be activated over the phone before cardholders can access their funds or load funds onto their prepaid card
Is any interest earned on the prepaid account?
There is no interest accrued on the prepaid funds
What are the fees and terms and conditions?
The full Terms and Conditions with fees you can get here: Terms and Conditions
Do the cards have an expiry date?
Yes, the T24 Black Card expires after 3 years. If the cardholder is actively using the card, a replacement will be offered. The validity period is printed on the front of the card
How do I get my PIN?
Your PIN is retrieved through IVR. To activate your T24 prepaid card, have your physical card, and your access code ready. Then call +44(0)20 7281 6090 and follow the instructions
What are the benefits?
To read about the full benefits of the T24 Black Prepaid Card, please see benefits section
What is the minimum balance I have to keep on the card?
There is no minimum balance requirement on the T24 Black Prepaid Card
What is 3D secure?
3D Secure is a safety protocol developed by VISA to improve the security of online payments. It works as an added layer of security
Why is my card declined at self service petrol stations?
Self service petrol stations do not have the ability to check your balance online. For your security, we cannot authorise this type of transaction
What happens if my application is declined?
The cost of the application will be reversed back to your credit/debit card without extra cost
Can I use my card overseas?
You can use your T24 Black Prepaid Card anywhere in the world where the VISA Acceptance Mark is displayed
How do I log on to my account?
You can log on to your account here: Account Login

Travel Insurance FAQs

What is the minimum deposit payable to activate the travel insurance?
The minimum deposit required is equal to the minimum deposit required by the travel agency or airline to confirm a reservation on a scheduled flight
What is the notification process?
There is no formal notification requirement, however, it is your best interest to notify the administrator of your intended travel itinerary within 24 hours prior to departure overseas so that they know when and where you are traveling. This will enable administrator and the assistance service team to be able better prepared to assist whenever and if ever the need arises. The travel assistance service will also provide a complementary overseas travel advisory with each and every travel notification
When does travel insurance commence and when does it discontinue?
The complimentary travel insurance will commence from start of a scheduled overseas trip and will continue for up to 90 days from the date of departure or until the end of the return home, whichever occurs sooner
Is there a medical emergency support service available?
Yes there is a medical assistance service available 24 x 7 x 365. The contact details will be provided together with the T24 Black Prepaid card membership materials
Is there a formal claims notification requirement?
Yes, the administrator needs to be notified of any event that gives rise to a claim under the complimentary worldwide travel insurance policy. The administrator will issue payment guarantees for medical and dental claims and provide instructions to follow for submitting and processing claims. This process is called pre-authorisation which occurs automatically when the administrator is notified of a claim based on the strength of the information provided and subject to the claim falling within the scope of coverage provided. Contact details for the administrator will be provided together with T24 Black Prepaid Card member materials
What is the claims settlement process?
All pre-authorised claims reimbursements will be settled by way of a cash credit that will be loaded on to the T24 Black card. T24 Black card members will then be able to use the T24 Black card to pay for claimable costs. Claims the exceed the loadable limit of the T24 Black card will be settled directly by the administrator
What happens if the hospital or clinic does not accept VISA Cards?
T24 Black card members will have access to the cash loaded on to the T24 Black card through any VISA enabled ATM or bank teller to pay for the pre-authorised claim
How long does it take to process and settle claims?
Pre-authorised claims can be settled on the same day subject to meeting the stated pre-authorisation criteria
Who stands behind the complimentary worldwide travel insurance?
The policy is underwritten by a leading London based subsidiary of a major international insurance underwriter
Is the international underwriter rated for its claims paying ability?
Yes, the underwriter is "A" (excellent) rated by AM Best for its claims paying ability

About us

Transact24 genuinely believes in Prepaid Card solutions that make a difference in your life and your business. We also cater for corporate solutions, which you can learn more about here.

The head office of Transact24 is in Hong Kong and the card is issued out of UK. If you are curious about us, our cards or just have general questions, please use the contact form on the right.

What our cardholders say

I've used the T24 BlackCard for about two years now, and I recommend it to friends and clients whenever I can. It's easy to use and they've got extremely forthcoming and personal service. My firm has chosen to implement the card as part of our partner packages as the obvious way of managing our payrolls and travel expenses.

- Michael Philips

My experience using T24 BlackCard could not be better. It is secure, worldwide accepted and high available. But what is exceptional is the support provided by the T24 Black Card Team. I feel myself a premium customer. I recommend it!

- Christoph Schulz

A word from our Managing Director

We work hard on continuously improving our products and the offerings that our cardholders can enjoy. The best international Prepaid Card award in 2012 was a step in the right direction and spurs us on to be creative in our solutions.

Phillip Meyer - Managing Director, Transact24

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